The Ultimate Luxurious play house by Win Green

When searching for toys for my boys I look for items which are made from the highest quality and at the same time fun and educational. In my head a wanted something to match with the boys toy room which has beautiful wall murals of a toy shop. I was on the hunt for a mini play house which the boys can play in and have lots of imaginative play time. So you must imagine how excited I was when I came across the Win Green toy shop play house.  It ticked all my boxes; made from high quality, detailed with the most beautiful detailing making it the ultimate play house for my boys to enter into a magical realm. The boys absolutely loved it and as a result Win Green had to be featured on Royal Mums so everyone can see why these play houses are so magical.unnamed



RM: Can you tell us about Win Green and how it was born?
WG: Win Green was created in 2001 by two childhood friends. Following a trip to India, where they had been surrounded by beautifully coloured fabrics and exquisite embroidery work, they returned home buzzing with ideas and inspired to create something magical and unique for children. Focusing on traditional values and the importance of imaginative play … Win Green was born! Now owned by the Sands family, and celebrating its 15th Birthday in 2016, Win Green has gone from strength to strength. Growing ever more popular in Europe and the US and with customers reaching as far as South Africa, Dubai and Australia.

RM: What are your play houses made from?
WG: Win Green’s Playhouses are made in India from durable, 100% cotton which is manufactured using traditional Indian weaving and dying techniques. They are hand-embroidered and appliqued with amazing skill and precision and have a lightweight frame which is easy to assemble. They come with their own storage bag.


RM: What makes your play houses so special?
WG: Win Green Playhouses are designed by their small family-run team in the UK. Available in two sizes, their designs offer boys, girls and unisex options, with themes that include a Beach House, Fairy Cottage, Traditional Toy Shop and Princess Castle, all of which have a range of matching accessories. We have also designed Hanging Tents, Wigwams and our stunning Pavilions. Focussing on the importance of high quality, well made products that stand the test of time through traditional craft, attention to detail and delightful charm.


RM: If you could pick one play house to be your favourite which one would it be?
WG: If you asked that question to each of the Win Green team (aka the Win Green Bunnies!) you would get a different answer each time! That’s what makes the range so much fun… everyone has a different favourite! Sue, aka Boss Bunny, declared only this morning “the Pirate Shack is definitely my favourite”. Julie, our Mail Order Bunny would say “the Fairy Cottage; it’s so delicate and pretty”. Harriet, our Trade Bunny say’s “the Butterfly Cottage; it’s a lovely alternative to pink but still pretty and girly”. And me, Kate, aka Brand Bunny … well after a mere 13 years, I think I’m still deciding!


RM: Can you tell us about your range of playhouse and how it fits in line with your Win Green philosophy?
WG: At Win Green, we believe that children should be encouraged from an early age to explore their imaginations through play, allowing them to use their own creativity to develop their playing and learning skills. Our beautiful collection of 100% cotton, hand embroidered and appliqued playhouses & accessories create the perfect backdrop to all the fun your children can have…whatever magical tales of make-believe they choose to explore!

If you would like to know more about Win Green, their products and offers you can:
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