Body by Lara 10 week work out challenge!

Every mama needs a bit of TLC and a strong body to keep her going through her daily life; the long days and nights every mother spends doing what she needs to do, are demanding and arduous, time becomes scarce looking . Being a mother is a full-time job; putting time aside to look after your body is a necessity to avoid fatigue and maintain good health.

The good news is that you don’t have to go out of your way to find time to look after your body and treat yourself to 15 minutes of exercise.
I have worked and trained many mothers preparing to get pregnant or recovering from childbirth, the one thing they struggled with was fatigue when the bellies get bigger causing a lot of pressure on the lower limbs. Once they deliver, fatigue is caused due to sleep deprivation.

For the next ten weeks I will be sharing with you a list of exercises you can do anywhere at home.

Each week you can focus on one area, which will make it easy for you to follow and hopefully practice it daily to see some results. You can choose to repeat any of the exercises as you go through the ten-week challenge. Once you complete the whole list, you will have a complete workout you can repeat and follow as often as possible.

The best way to learn is through repetition and practice; you will gain strength, energy and confidence the more committed you are to your workout and to your body.

This week’s post is all about the butt:

You can perform one move or combine the three moves to achieve the best results.

Lie down on your tummy, layer your hands under forehead, draw your shoulders down the back to engage the upper back muscles, elbows wide to the side, keep the neck long and draw the belly muscles away from the floor whilst pressing the pubic bone to the mat, lengthen the legs behind you at hips width distance apart, reach through the toes to maintain the length at the hips.

First move:

Bend one knee in drawing the foot towards the butt as much as possible without arching the back, lengthen the foot, then extend the leg back to starting position.
As you bend the knee create your own resistance as if you were pressing the foot against an imaginary ball. The knee lifts off the floor and the thigh lengthens away from the direction of the shoulders.
You can do one set of 16 repetitions and if you want an extra challenge add another set pulsing the foot in twice in each repetition.
Second move:


Bend the knee to a ninety-degree angle, point the foot – lift the knee of the floor while reaching through the toes and lower, then flex the foot- lift and lower.
Follow the same sequencing and number of repetitions you did in the first exercise.

Third move:



Lengthen the leg behind you, reach through the leg moving it diagonally to the side while maintaining stability in your hip- avoid lifting the opposite side of the hip- and bring it back to the starting position.
As you open the leg out to the side you will need to activate the outer hip and leg muscles creating your own resistance and as you bring it back in try to activate the inner thigh muscles.

Visit us next week to get the workout for the second week. If you have any questions about the workout or you have a health concern, please get in touch on my instagram @bodybylara and I will be happy to help.

Enjoy your workout.


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