Introducing Sleepyhead of Sweden

Being a mum of 3, and a business owner, house keeper, wife, I most certainly have my hands full. So having a house in order is a must. Having well rested kids is a must have. Well slept not only means happy babies it also means happy mummy and daddy. Trying to get a small baby to sleep with out being disturbed in a house full of boys is hard work. A startled baby is not easy to put down. So i’ve been on hunt for a product which is safe, comfortable and portable.  Transitioning from the moses basket to a cot isn’t always easy. Now that my little one can easily get out of a well swaddled blanket, providing a secure and snug place for him to sleep is a must.  And the Sleepyhead pods provide just that.



RM: Tell us about the people behind Sleepyhead?

SH: Lisa Furuland is the founder and visionary behind SleepyheadⓇ Lisa has always had an eye for beauty and design. She studied art history at Stockholm University and professional photography studies and architectural education at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Lisa lives with her husband and two sons in a lovely small seaside town, just north of Stockholm.


RM: How was Sleepyhead born?

SH: When Lisa had her first son Ilias in 2006, she searched unsuccessfully for an alternative to the blanket, the cot, and the baby lounger, Lisa craved something more snug and at the same time more versatile and so developed the SleepyheadⓇ  for her own child.


A good quotes from Lisa ‘The Wellbeing, security and happiness of our babies are the objectives and inspiration of my creation’



RM: Where is Sleepyhead sold?


SH: Today, SleepyheadⓇ is sold around the globe at top retailers like John Lewis. The product is also distributed under the DockATot™ brand name in the USA, Canada and Mexico, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Scandinavia and also UAE, and all GCC countries. With headquarters located in Norrtälje (70 km north of Stockholm), the SleepyheadⓇ brand continues to grow and expand.

 Sleepy.on a line_with background_1

RM: Tell us about the Sleepyhead range?

SH: The SleepyheadⓇ  pod is available in 2 sizes, the Deluxe which is suitable from birth- 8 months (Preemies included) and the Grand from 8 months – 3 years +. The SleepyheadⓇ is quite unique in that is has been found to cushion the moro or ‘startle’ reflex in new-born’s and little ones, meaning that they sleep better and for longer. Not only that but the SleepyheadⓇ  truly helps to reinvent the womb™ by creating a cosy and snug environment for babies to lounge rest and play. Additional styles and covers are also available for both sizes of pod, which is very handy for washing – all covers are machine washable at 60 degrees helping you maintain excellent hygiene. There are a few new additions and accessories being developed right now for SleepyheadⓇ  which is very exciting. Watch this space.


RM: What are the benefits of Sleepyhead?


SH: The SleepyheadⓇ is the only pod and crib insert that helps to reinvent the womb™ by providing baby with a snug environment and ideal microclimate. Ideal for safer co-sleeping, the SleepyheadⓇ  is made from quality materials that are Oeko-Tex certified with excellent air permeability. SleepyheadⓇ answers the needs of multitasking parents who crave a snug spot for little ones as the unique shape and design of SleepyheadⓇ allows baby to comfortably rest, but also play and log in some tummy time. Light and ultra-portable, the SleepyheadⓇ can be used in every room of the house as well as for travelling. The SleepyheadⓇ is the perfect aid to help transition little ones from a cot to a toddler bed. Thousands of parents around the world have found that the SleepyheadⓇ  helps their little ones sleep better and for longer, and as a result the whole family is well rested.

To see more of the Sleephead range please check out their social media page.Instagram  @sleepyheadofsweden Or to shop the collection visit the Sleepyhead shop

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