About Us

Dear Reader,

Welcome to our Royal Mums blog!

This blog doesn’t just talk about mummy things but gives you an insight into fine dining, luxury travel, luxury style, nutrition, fitness and wise words from a doctor.

After all we aren’t just mums!

We are two yummy mummies – Iram and Sabrina.

Iram is a Doctor specialising in gynaecology and obstetrics and Sabrina is a luxury consultant.

Both Royal Mums are raising their family in Central London and love doing fun and creative things. We are women who love the finer things in life.

Being a mum does not stop you from still eating in the best places, wearing the best clothes, carrying the best handbags and travelling the world in style and at the same time raising a family.

And we will show you just how we do it…

Love Iram and Sabrina



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  1. Thank you for your follow. Some of our posts are written by other experts in the field. Our website is aimed at all parents from all religions. Neither do we claim to be a halal blog but a place to connect with all mothers from all faiths. This is about motherhood.


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