An Interview with Sarah from Crayon Rocks UK

As you know at Royal Mums we love finding unique, fun and creative products for our little ones to play with. And whats more we love finding products sold by mumpreneurs. When we came across Crayon Rocks we were like what are those, they are so pretty and where can we buy them, so you can imagine when we bumped in to Sarah at the Toy Fair in London how excited we were. With great pleasure we like to introduce to you Sarah McCarthy from Crayon Rocks.

RM: Tell us about Crayon Rocks?
SC: Crayon Rocks are a fantastic creative tool for children. They work to encourage, develop and strengthen the tripod grip, due to their ergonomic shape. They simply can’t be held in a closed fist! The minute a little one picks a Crayon Rock up, they are using the correct tripod grip, or pencil grip, and are preparing their hands for writing. Because of how wonderfully tactile and easy to use they are, they have also proved brilliant for children with learning or physical difficulties, like dyspraxia, cerebral palsy and autism. Furthermore, our crayons are fun! They are bright and bold, and produce fabulous deep colours. Older children enjoy using them to all different effects, or with Rubeez to add pattern and texture to their drawings. Made of US-grown soy wax, a sustainable resource unlike the usual paraffin or petroleum wax, they are 100% non-toxic, and their shape means that they don’t break easily, unlike other crayons. Mineral pigments are added to give them their gorgeous colours. They really are a super-crayon!


RM: How did you get involved in Crayon Rocks?
SC: I had sourced Crayon Rocks for my own little website. In doing so, I had spoken to their creator, Barbara Lee. Barbara is an inspiration! As a special needs teacher for 23 years, she felt there was a need for a crayon that helped children to develop their fine motor skills, whilst being creative and having fun. And so Crayon Rocks were born! Barbara still makes our crayons in a big barn on her farm in Kentucky, and they are going from strength to strength. We have become good friends as well as colleagues, and I became the UK distributor for Crayon Rocks last year


RM: How do you manage family life and run your own business?
SC: Often with difficulty! I had been a stay-at-home Mum for many years, and I know how difficult that can be too though! With my youngest starting school last year, I felt it was time to do something for ‘me’ again. I started up my own little website, with Crayon Rocks as a star product, and everything has grown from there. It is hard work juggling it all, but I find being organised helps. I try very hard to get everything done in school hours, but that doesn’t always work to plan. However, I do think it’s great for children to see their Mother as something other than ‘Mum’ from time to time! I hope I can inspire both my daughter and my son as time goes on.

RM: What do your children think of Crayon Rocks?
SC: They love them! They have been especially great for my son, who took a while to master his pencil grip. We always have a stash of them out and ready to use at home, and I have loved introducing the children’s preschool and school to them too.

RM: Where can we buy your products?
CR: Crayon Rocks are available at Get 10% off at the checkout with the code: CGT123 🙂

Social Media Links

Twitter: @crayonrocksuk
Instagram: crayonrocksuk


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