Tiny Explorers at Kensington Palace

Ever since my little one turned 5 months I attended Tiny Explorers at Kensington Palace, she has absolutely loved it.  I’ve been to two different courses and both of us loved it.  They tend to have two session, simply divided into

-Children that can walk

-Children that don’t walk

Roughly at 10:30 every Wednesday morning.  You can check on the Kensington Palace website (BTW they have them at Hampton Court). Its mostly mums with their babies and some nannies/carers with the little ones.

We would get up, wrap up warm, walk through the park and meet other mummies and babies ready to play!


The best thing about this was

1-Only £5 per class, be warned they get prebooked very quickly.  So keep your eye on the website and book the ones you want straight away.

2-Each class has a different layout each week.

We had story time, learning about Queen Victoria as a child in the palace. This involved several musical instruments being introduced to the child, sing-a-long and play acting.




Actors would make appearances on some occasions with puppets and all the babies loved it. There were photo opportunities with them and you could tell all the babies were in awe. Rumours went round that Prince George would make an appearance, unfortunately we didnt seem him in any of our sessions.  If your little one falls asleep or needs a milk feed its OK to give them something.  Sensory play was featured in several sessions.

Each visit involved a brief tour of the palace, if your bubba is heavy bring your own baby carry.

IMG_5412     IMG_5411


Messy play… says it all really, bring a spare change of clothes.  Food dyes were mixed with water and the babies went crazy.  My little one decided to venture off and start painting the floor!! She threw the brushes away and used her hands and feet to create a crazy piece of art. Its now proudly hanging up in her playroom.



We would always round it off with a playdate in Hyde Park.


The next set starts in September, keep an eye out for dates and times.  Hope you enjoy it and I might even see you there!


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