Meet Lizzie King founder of Vita Love…


Here at Royal Mums we get super excited when we came across amazing products and services for our families. So you can imagine the excitement when we heard about Vita Love. Vita Love is one of its kind, offering delicious and nutritious fresh food packs to families across Central London. Thats right, home cooked food delivered straight to your door.  As mothers we want to give our children the best and some times we just don’t have the time to make that special meal for our little one. Or we just need a little inspiration. And thats exactly what you get from Vita Love’s instagram.

Lizzie King is the founder of Vitalove, a mother of 3, Nutritional Health Coach, the wonderful lady who is made it possible to bring super healthy meals to families. Royal Mums are super pleased to announce our collaboration with the wonderful Lizzie King. Vita love will be bringing you amazing nutritional tips and recipe ideas from pregnancy, weaning and fussy toddlers and much more.

RM: Tell us how Vita Love was born?

LK: Vitalove was born when I had 2 children and I realised busy Mums who wanted to give their children delicious, healthy food had few options. I wanted to offer food that you would cook your own family when you had the time and energy.
RM: Tell us about the food packages you offer for sale, what types of meals come with some of your family meals?

LK: Vitalove provides weekly food packages for children from Day 1 of weaning all the way through to children needing after school meals. Sweet potato purees to quinoa and peppers.
They are seasonal and varied and always super healthy and delicious.

RM: Which of your food for sale is your most popular and your favourite?

LK: The Roast lemon Chicken with brown rice and Kale is one of the staples that clients can’t get enough, the parents order separate portions of and is super charged with goodness.


RM: You provide a lot of inspirational recipes for families on your instagram, which is your most inspiring recipe and your favourite?

LK: I started off taking snaps of everything I made, as I cook a lot for work and for my family, it’s been amazing to see how much people have enjoyed the recipes and ideas and has been one of the best things about it. Mums have a tough time relentlessly churning out food, and we all need ideas and inspiration.
My favourite recipes are the ones everyone loves and eats together, and there are a few, but without fail, my buckwheat banana pancakes make all the children deliriously happy. And that’s the best thing. Seeing your children greedily guzzle on something you’ve made together and happens to be full of goodness. Saturday mornings heaven.
RM: Who is your inspiration?
LK: Yotam Ottolenghi has inspired me endlessly. His deli nearby where I spent my pregnancies eating his amazing food, and his books that I’ve always used to feed my friends and celebrate with. There is an amazing love of food and taste that he gets across and I always want that to be first when I create recipes.

RM: How do you manage to run a successful business and manage family life?
LK: So much of it is combined as one came from the other and now the food I make can be shared at home too. But it’s never easy, and I just try and carve out separate time for both. My husband is an amazingly there father, who just picks up when he appears without asking questions. It wouldn’t work without him.


RM: Any tips or advise for mothers out that want to start their own business?
LK: Keep doing it and do it your way. There are plenty of people trying to do it like someone else says, so keep going and keep it uniquely yours.
RM: Can you tell us more about your Vitalove Healthy family cooking events, and do you have any more planned for the future?
LK: We’ve been running demos for mums to show how easy and fast it can be to get really healthy tasty meals ready. it’s relaxed, fun and really informative with lots of nutrition tips, short cuts and loads of recipes to take home.
The next one is at Daylesford Farm on 28th August. then there will be one in West London in September, and monthly from then on.

Please watch this space for Lizzie Kings wonderful new website which will be coming soon. Soon it will be up and running with nutrition tips, recipes, ideas for all things super healthy for kids.

Click here to find out more about Vita Love.

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