Jaq Jaq Bird

Well where do we begin, we first came across Jaq Jaq Bird when we see saw their butter stix and we fell in love, but it didn’t just stop there. When we went to visit their store online we loved every single product. Not only are all the products unique, and the chalks are zero dust, they are eco friendly and non toxic. For us we try to be creative with our children. Our children would much rather draw then play with an iPhone. The Jaq Jaq Bird Doodle Books and Butterstix have kept our children highly entertained and quite during meals out. If you are looking for something, fun, unique and creative to give as a gift to a little one, then this is the perfect gift. Introducing you to one of our favourite online stores… Jaq Jaq Bird.


chalkbook 3

RM: Tell us a bit about the people behind Jaqjaqbird and how the brand was born?

JJB: My name is Grace Paik, I’m a Korean-American and mom of three.

Jaq Jaq Bird was born 11 years ago as a result of a house renovation gone wrong. At the time, I was pregnant with my third child when we were were conned by a fake contractor. He stole our money, and while pretending to renovate our house, he ended up destroying our kitchen and HVAC system. Because we couldn’t use our kitchen, we ended up going to restaurants often. I began sewing chalkboard place mats on my sewing machine to keep the kids entertained. The idea took off, the place mats became popular, and Jaq Jaq Bird was born.

I was inspired by my youngest when naming the company. When he was learning to speak, he would say “Jaq Jaq” (the sound birds make in Korean…similar to “chirp chirp” in English.)

chalkbook 2

RM: What made you come up with the idea of butterstix and the chalk diaries?

JJB: When I first came out with the place mats, the major complaint we received was about the dust produced by the chalk, especially since it was being used at the dinner table. I, thus, started working with a chalk chemist in Korea to develop a zero-dust chalk for kids that was food-safe and still had the look and playfulness of chalk (our ButterStix).

The chalk place mat is great for the home and restaurant, but it’s less ideal for travelling. My daughter actually helped me come up with the idea for the Chalk-A-Doodle Book. She would waste TONS of paper by creating stories in her notebook, then crumpling up the pages, only to start a new story all over again. I realized that a reusable chalk book would be the perfect solution (and it makes clean up much easier, too).

Butterstix MiniPouch 2

RM: What’s your favourite product you sell?

JJB: My favorite product is our Mini Pouch, essentially the reusable, machine-washable, BPA-free version of a Ziploc bag. Due to the nature of my job, I travel monthly. I use these bags for everything, from storing money to jewelry to organizing cosmetics, to throwing one in my purse filled with snacks. I love that they’re versatile for both children and adults.

RM:  What do your children like to play with?

JJB: I have three children– a 15 year old son, 13 year old daughter, and 11 year old son.

My two sons are year round golfers.

My daughter loves our chalk table runner. She permanently affixed it to her desk so that she can draw whenever she pleases. She even does her math homework on it, writing with our ButterStix and ButterPens.

RM:  Where do you ship your products?

JJB: We ship our products all over the world.

wishy washy

RM:  Can you tell us about any new exciting products you will be launching?

JJB: In early December, we are launching our Wishy Washy Markers Set–a revolutionary way of drawing on paper, plastic, white/chalkboard, windows, etc. The colors are vibrant, and there is virtually no-smell, just wipe on non-porous surface with a damp cloth to erase. These can be pre-ordered now on our website.

In late winter, we will be debuting a Jaq Jaq Friends series, featuring Jaq Jaq’s animal friends in a variety of products.

To shop the full range of Jaq Jaq products click here…

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