Tourists in our own city….

So the little one and I decided to head west.

We only managed as far as Trafalgar Square. Now did someone say summer holidays?





We chased pigeons, people watched and even enjoyed the free entertainment.

IMG_6151IMG_6147 IMG_6146


I really went there to go visit the National Portrait Gallery, one of my favourite things to do. Especially at this time of the year, the BP portrait exhibition was on. I was surprised to see a family station.



Opposite the main reception desk, a colourful family station. She had all manner of things for little ones. Tour books, sketch book and so many coloured pencils.







Off we went, we saw this brightly dressed lady.


Saturday kitchen… How quick can you scramble an egg James?


Then we headed to the National Gallery (make sure you hand your pushchair in here, in the Sainsbury Wing, it’s FREE!)

Someone thought the air vent on the floor was more interesting than Van Gogh and his flowers. There has been some recent controversy about babies being taken to art galleries.  It basically stated that babies shouldn’t be taken as they don’t understand.  I completely agree with this, babies do not understand art but they do get stimulated by it.  We took our little one to see Matisse at the Tate Modern and she responded differently to certain pieces and different colours.  Therefore, I will take my little one to an art gallery and I’ll let her enjoy and stimulated by the colours of each masterpiece before her eyes.


Go and enjoy!

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