This post isn’t about apps for babies to be left with. It’s about apps that mums and mums to be can use. The iPhone isn’t just a phone any more it can become a baby monitor a chef and a baby entertainer.

Here are some of our favourites. I haven’t included the prices it’s very easy to check just type in the name into the app store and you can see what the price is for your country.

My Goldstar prizewinner and favourite is the baby monitor. I came across this in Porter magazine and it claims that this is the one Victoria Beckham uses. It’s so easy you just linkup two Apple devices I use an iPhone and the iPad. You don’t need Wi-Fi for this to work and therefore you can take it away on holiday. Works over Bluetooth.


I have had occasions where I needed to just distract my baby so I could do what I needed to do. This app actually saved me on a long driving holiday to the south of France. This app is called eggheads and has a movie mode which allows you to watch lots of different animals popping up and making noises. It is so simple and it has an interactive section.


The infant zoo is part of the same group of apps but the pictures are all black and white. This one is for much younger babies.


For all you pregnant mamas this is the app that you should have. It’s called babycentre and so worth having. It’s very very accurate. You get weekly updates and pictures about how far you are in the pregnancy. It tells you how big your baby is now and compares it to the size of a fruit! You can take photos and add personal details and the whole app can be personalised for you!


The wonder weeks is amazing. It tracks your babies development and tells you what to expect from your little one at each stage. You can see what things they should be doing and what milestones they should have achieved. It also gives you an idea of when the baby may be having a growth spurt and this will explain why all of a sudden those nights you are having without them waking up has come to an end!


I did buy the Annabel Karmel app when it came to weaning my little girl. I have to say I was in a big fan and I didn’t like it as much as the books. The books are obviously very detailed and talk through so many recipes and what to do if there are problems with weaning. However the App felt as though it was just a money making exercise. I would however recommend the book but you don’t need that app.


Now the next up is to help you enjoy all those baby moments. Every photo you’ve taken in the past on Instagram and Twitter and Facebook and even in your iPhone collection it makes them available to you again on that date from however many years ago. It always brings a smile to my face and reminds me of all those happy times I’ve had.


Every day is another app where you take photos every day and it will make a timelapse video. So you can see how the little one changed over time.


7lbs in 7 days will get you ready for the changes you want to make in life. It will help you detox and cleanse over a period of seven days and trust me if you follow the regime you will lose weight. It has juicing recipes and even an option to buy a 14 day juicing plan. I know of several people whom have lost weight with this method. Of course it is more important to change your lifestyle for yourself so eat better and with the combination of regular exercise you will be sorted for life.


Baby recipes and health is a really user-friendly app. It’s very simple and very easy to use. If you’re making the food at home then this is a really good one to use and it breaks down the recipes for different age ranges.


Tulipop is an educational app that teaches ABC. It’s really good for teaching phonics. It’s a very beautiful app.


Last but not least this app has been amazing for me. I’ve taken so many photos of my little one and my family! But I don’t have any printed. With this app I can, it’s so easy and cheap. Every month you get to choose 45 photos for free to print. My house is full of photos!


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