Stokke Tripp Trapp

After the interest we have gathered on our social media networks about the Stokke True Black we wanted to present to you another fantastic Stokke product that we LOVE – The Tripp Trapp Chair!


Stokke have described the chair as “the chair that grows with the child” which is exactly what it does. The Tripp Trapp was originally launched in 1972 and is designed to fit up to your dining table, allowing your child to experience meals along side the rest of the family. We love the fact that our children from infancy can engage in meal times with us as we feel it is a very important part of a child’s learning and development. With working husbands the main opportunity for the family to sit together is during dinner; the Tripp Trapp allows us to all sit down and enjoy the meal.


The slick design integrates perfectly into any living area with its minimalist approach and choice of ten colour ways. The chair itself is made with high quality materials that are strong, easy to clean and durable. We wanted a highchair that we would not need to replace after each child had grown and perhaps re-use for when we have grandchildren coming to stay.

The flexibility of the seat is another plus point. We love the fact that the highchair can be adjusted to meet the needs of each child and as the child grows. Stokke have in fact created this highchair to be adjusted into an adults seat when a child has grown out of it.

A great feature of the Tripp Trapp is that the highchair acts as a seat for the child, allowing them to move freely. We feel that meal times should be enjoyable for both parent and baby with a key feature of the child being encouraged to try and experiment with eating. Some of the highchairs we have used strap the child into the seat, which can be frustrating and cause our child to be immobile. Although we love the mobility it gives our child we do have some concerns about the footrest allowing them to push themselves upwards, which could lead to an accident. Due to our apprehensions one of us has to keep an eye out at all times! Although Stokke advise to keep the footrest at foot height a solution could be to lower the footrest? Or perhaps we should look into purchasing the Stokke Harness?! 

With that being said we would recommend this product to anyone looking to buy a highchair or looking to upgrade!

The Stokke Tripp Trapp retails for £159.00 and can be bought at

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