Halloween with Not On The High Street!

For Halloween we were delighted to be invited to NotOnTheHighStreet’s “Storytime” App “Halloween Sounds” launch. NotOnTheHighStreet (NOTHS) is the UK’s largest online marketplace which champions small businesses. The Halloween celebration was a fantastic way for NOTHS to launch their new spooky sounds, which helps children to be transformed into a magical word of story telling with sound effects provided through the app.

The free iPhone app contains five themes, which allow the user to explore outer space one night, visit a lost world the next, then sail the seven seas. Whether reading from a book or making up a story, the storyteller can pick from a range of less ordinary themes.

Greeted by the spooky sounds of howling wolves and hackling witches the Halloween Party was sure to keep our little ones entertained!

For generations story time has always been a way for parents to connect with their children as it aids in linguistic and social development. NOTHS’s story time app allows stories to come alive with a side variety of sound effects, each button makes a different sound when pressed, bringing an extra dimension to your child’s engagement.

Our favourite has to be the kissing frog from the fairy tales section! The boys find it funny and I take it as an opportunity to get a kiss from my little princes. Racil’s favourite sound was the cat. She learned how to say “mee-ow” and couldn’t stop calling all the cats she saw “mee-ow.

Story time has been part of the daily routine for our children since they were born and now with this app we can transform the way we share our stories.

The app can be downloaded for free from the iTunes App Store…just search for ‘Storytime‘.


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