Psycle London

Today we headed over to London’s new spinning phenomenon “Psycle”. Psycle is located on Mortimer Street, just north of Oxford Street which is usually out of our blogging territory – but after hearing such good things we decided to make an exception!


To start with we loved Psycle’s cool and clean décor, which made the experience feel more unique, and helped us to forget that we were about to endure 45 minuets of hardcore cardio!

photo (3)

On arrival we were given a pair of spinning shoes at the desk which clippped onto the bike – super handy if you’re a first timer or if you are not ready to invest in spinning equipment. The reception already knew our size as we had booked online which made the process of checking into the class quick and easy.

Next we went into the changing rooms to lock up our handbags and then headed down into the spinning studio. When making our way into the studio members of staff were on hand to correctly adjust our bikes and clip our shoes in which was extremely helpful!

For those wondering how to adjust a bike yourself the suggestions are:

  1. Seat is at hips height.
  2. Width from seat to handlebars should be the length from the tips of fingers to elbow.

The workout was designed around the music and instructed to the beat of the tracks. The lights we completely turned off with the exception of bright neon lasers pumping to the rhythm of the music – imagine a nightclub setting! The great part about the dark lighting was that we were able to leave our makeup at home and sweat without anyone seeing! We would definitely recommend this class to mothers who are perhaps feeling a little body conscious and do not want to be exposed under bright gym lights.

One of the benefits of this spinning class was that dumbbells were incorporated into the exercises allowing us to have a full body workout with weight training.

After the torture we are able to reward ourselves with a long shower in the state of the art changing rooms where fresh towels were available as well as a range of organic “ILA” products, GHD hairdryers and straighteners. We liked the fact that the facilities allowed us to leave feeling clean with the bonus of acceptable looking hair!

Psycle also stocked some of our favourite fresh juice brands such as – Imbibery, The Pressery and Unoco allowing us to re-energise on a healthy detoxing drink!

We would definitely recommend Psycle to all our followers!


You can book a Psycle at – or check out their Instagram and Twitter @psyclelondon. Currently Psycle have some amazing offers if you book online such as a free Psycle for a friend so we would advise purchasing in advance!

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