Massage Time with Little Butterfly Organic!

This week Little Butterfly London kindly sent us through their beautiful massage oil. Massaging the kids is an important part of our evening routine as it relaxes the children and helps to create a bond between mother and child. Its a special time for us to have one on one time with each child at the end of the day.

We love the fact that the Little Butterfly London massage oil is organic as it means that we are not rubbing any harsh products on to our children’s sensitive skin. The smell is fantastic and makes the little ones smell fresh and citrus-y!

The massage oil contains beautiful essential oils such as mandarin and orange which aid in lifting the spirit and relaxation. We love the attention to detail from the beautiful packaging from the wooden effect screw top to the butterfly garden printed in the inside of the bag.


If you want to buy their products you can visit this link for more details!

For mothers at home who want to give massaging a go we recommend that you follow these tips to start with!

1. Trim your finger nails to prevent scratching!
2. Massage in a warm room to stop your child catching a cold!
3. Talk to your child during the massage to make sure that the pressure is not too hard. Remember that massaging should be enjoyable for both parent and child so stop if at any point if either of you feel uncomfortable!

We would like to remind our followers that massaging does not always have to be by the book! Experiment with different movements to see what works and feels best!





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