A Royal Manicure

‘A woman is helpless only while her nail polish is drying’.

Being a yummy mummy entails a lot of pampering with many responsibilities, but having perfect nails seems to make everything better. So yesterday we decided to treat ourselves to a quiet afternoon in with the fabulous nail artists of Gloss and Polish and some chocolaty pastries with breakfast tea.

Afternoon treats.

Afternoon treats.

Gloss and Polish are professional nail fairies that create the most sophisticated yet simple designs, leaving your finger tips ready for any occasion. Being Royal Mums we needed to keep our nails work friendly yet still glamourous. The polish they use is of the highest quality creating thick layers of almost gel-like varnish. We feel this adds to the luxuriousness of having a manicure – especially when you’re a busy mummy.

Essie's neutral range.

Essie’s neutral range.

Being pampered.

Being pampered.




We would definitely recommend Gloss and Polish to everyone! We love the fact that we can have our nails done in the comfort of our own home and still receive 5 star treatment. Gloss and Polish bring all the equipment so we don’t need to worry about anything! Prices start from £25 for a classic manicure.

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