Introducing you to family travel planners- Momaboard

Here at Royal Mums we just love travelling with our family. Travel is an important part of raising our family. Introducing our little ones to new cultures, food, people as well as good quality family time. So when we came across Momaboard you can imagine our excitement. A company that eases your travel burdens by bringing some organised structure to your travel by preparing you an amazing iteniary for your family. Gives us no greater pleasure but introduce you to the fantastic mum behind Momaboard, Kaamina Bhojwani-Dhawan.


RM: Tell us about Momaboard?

KBD: Momaboard is a trip planning service that offers customized itineraries for families built by local moms (Mombassadors) in the destinations they are visiting. At the beginning of the process, we take detailed information from the traveling family – everything from how old their kids are, what they like to do, what they hate to do, budget, dietary preferences and more – and feed it to our Mombassador. She then creates the perfect trip plan for the family, with her knowledge of their needs and of all that her city has to offer.FullSizeRender

RM: What was your inspiration behind Momaboard?

KBD: The best travel experiences come from having the right information – and often the source of that information is local people. I am from Mumbai, and I know that a newcomer can have a miserable trip if they don’t know where to go and what to see, beyond what the guidebooks tell you.

The problem is amplified for parents traveling with their kids – we want to have the best experiences and to avoid things that will cause stress, discomfort, or harm. On top of that, as parents, we barely have the time to take a breath, let alone spend hours online researching the details and nuances that make a trip successful. Sites like TripAdvisor only add to the problem, by providing so much information, but from sources we know nothing about.

The Momaboard experience is equivalent to having a local friend, who happens to be a mom, plan your trip for you. She knows you, understands your needs as a parent, and knows how her city can offer you the best experience within those constraints. Our goal is to take the time and stress out of trip planning for families.

RM: Tell us what a mombassador is?

KBD: A mombassador is just that – a Mom-Ambassador. Mombassadors have either been born and raised in their towns, or transplanted there for many reasons – but they all an unequivocal love for their cities and a passion for helping other parents discover the best of them.

Our Mombassadors are bloggers, lawyers, accountants, trainers, stay-at-home moms, and much more. They all love to travel and understand what it means to be in a new place, with a child.

We currently have 35 Mombassadors from around the world, from Singapore to Chicago, from Havana to Barcelona, and in between. We are adding new cities every day.

RM: How do you become a mombassador?

KBD: Mombassadors must have lived in their cities for over a year and have at least one child over the age of one. If you meet these criteria, fill out the form here.

We’ll get in touch if we think it’s a good fit.


RM: What’s the process behind creating the perfect family itinerary?

KBD: Every Momaboard itinerary is created from scratch to suit the needs of the traveling family, and from that perspective, is a very involved process.

Because we are mums, we think about all the things that will go into keeping the whole family happy and comfortable. We start with:
Neighborhoods- The safest, most interesting and accessible ones for what the family wants to do
Hotels – To suit their budget and tastes
Kid-friendly restaurants – That are age-appropriate and offer unique dining experiences, taking into consideration dietary restrictions and fussy eaters!
Transportation – How to get from one place to another with the family. Sometimes it’s by train, sometimes it’s by taxi. In some cities, you can’t get around without a hired car and driver, which we can help you find.
Activities – The best local experience, as per your interests. If we send you to tourist attractions, we’ll tell you how to avoid queues, if it’s off-the-beaten-path experiences, we’ll highlight what the kids will like best. And of course, if babysitting is an option, we’ll show you what local parents do on a night out.
Babysitting and Medical Information – Safety and health is always a concern for parents. We will give you babysitting recommendations as well as our picks for the best pediatricians and local hospitals (although we sincerely hope you won’t need one!).
A complete trip plan – Your itinerary will be grouped by location, to limit your travel time. It will also factor in jetlag and the pace at which your family likes to explore. Finally, it’s flexible, as we know is so important when traveling with kids. If you decide to skip an activity, at least you’ll know what it is and how to get there should you choose to visit another day.

Lastly, all our itineraries are commission-free, which means that we won’t promote a hotel or activity just because we are getting a kickback from it. Everything we recommend is 100% objective, mom-tried and loved.


RM: What’s your most favourite country you have visited?

KBD: I am a bit of an Italophile and have visited many parts of the country but I have to say that Sicily blew my mind. It’s like Italy on steroids – the food, the art, the history, the culture, the landscape! My dream is to spend a full summer exploring every nook and cranny of the island.
RM: Any advise you can give to first time travelling parents?

KBD: The best thing you can do for yourself is to get out there. Traveling with kids gets easier the more you do it and as they grow up. Mine are 4 and 7 and they pack their own bags now!

We’d love to help you plan your trips – Get started at

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